About Us

DF Legal is a boutique law firm with over 15 years of combined experience practicing in a wide range of areas including Property Law and Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Wills, and Estate Planning, Franchise Law, Building Disputes, Commercial and Retail Leasing, and more.

Our Mission

Over the years we have built our firm on fundamental values of honesty, integrity, and community spirit. We are trustworthy solicitors who are here to help and make a difference in the community. We take pride in being the go-to solicitors in the area for people of all walks of life and provide our clients with the utmost care and thoughtfulness. Daily we receive praise from our clients for being approachable, helpful, and accessible with our same-day call-back policy.

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When booking appointments we understand people have work commitments and have the flexibility of holding after-hours and weekend appointments. We always have a solicitor on hand on a weekend to assist with property purchases, and are the only solicitors in the area who can can provide a 66w on a weekend to ensure a client doesn’t miss out on their dream home.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to provide our customers with outstanding service. One example is our document storage capability – with copies securely kept electronically allowing for easier and efficient access. This technology also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of printing required and do our part to care for the environment. Our law software means our clients can be kept up to date with our own app, and receive continuous updates and provide any information without having to email or pick up the phone.

Our Values




Personalised Assistance

Our personalised service means that we’re able to focus on your legal needs and can resolve matters quickly whilst still achieving a beneficial outcome for all parties involved. This process generally entails us sitting down and discussing a plan or strategy and often allows you to get greater value for money. It is our personalised service that sets us apart from the competition and allows you to feel confident in the advice you’re given and the money you’ve spent.

Proactive Approach

At DF Legal, we’ve gone to great length to impose a variety of proactive conventions that ensure we’re always on the front foot when it comes to your legal matters. We’re not afraid to make the hard phone calls and put pen to paper if it means that you’re going to get a positive result, in fact, if you call and we’re unavailable, we guarantee to still call back the same day!

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Located in Padstow, we are at the heart of Sydney, Australia’s next hub of expansion and growth. We look forward to your enquiries and seeing how we can assist you.