Starting any business is a major step—one that demands lots of hard work, passion and drive. The biggest challenge of starting something from scratch is doing just that: building something up from nothing and putting faith in your own ideas and instincts.

For individuals who want to try out the private entrepreneurial experience, build a business and be their own boss—but who don’t necessarily have an idea for a brand-new start-up—franchise opportunities are attractive. By purchasing the rights to open a location of an established company, a franchising opportunity allows you to reap some of the benefits of an entrepreneurial venture with lower levels of risk.

Understanding the Legal Steps of Running a Franchise Business

However, while launching a franchise location may not require the same levels of risk and idea brainstorming as entirely new entrepreneurial ventures, they do bring their own challenges. Specifically, the legal process that surrounds the development of a franchise is complex and labyrinthine. Therein lies the benefit of hiring a business lawyer in Bankstown with particular experience in the area of franchises.

At DF Legal, we are that kind of firm. Bringing more than ten years of commercial legal experience to the table, you can trust us as your franchise lawyer in Bankstown because we have dealt with all manners of franchise development in the past.

There are numerous steps along the way in a franchise development process where the eyes and advice of a skilled legal professional are valuable. For instance, as you review Franchise Agreements, you want to make sure that you understand the terms and expectations before you sign. Similarly, before you start running your franchise, you need to know the documentation standards and other regulations you will be expected to meet.

At DF Legal, our business and commercial lawyers in Bankstown can do all of these things and more. We can help you prepare or review your Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents, so you know exactly what they contain. We can advise you on the Franchising Code of Conduct so that you are aware of the rules you need to follow in running your business. We can negotiate with your franchisers to help you fight for better terms. We can even help you lease property for your franchise location.

Get Help with Your Franchise: Call DF Legal’s Commercial Lawyers in Bankstown

The setup process is one of the most difficult parts of running a franchise business. Negotiating with the franchisers, navigating the paperwork and understanding the compliance requirements—none of these steps are easy or cut-and-dried. With the help of the right legal advisor, you can make it through these difficult steps and start enjoying the benefits and thrills of running your own franchise location.

If you are interested in consulting with our franchise lawyers in Bankstown, call us today on 02 9774 3175. DF Legal looks forward to advising you in all franchise-related legal matters.


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