The narrative for many entrepreneurial ventures the world over is that they ‘started in a garage.’ However, the goal with any start-up venture is never going to be to stay in the garage or the bedroom or the living room for long. On the contrary, eventually, your business will need to expand into new premises. Whether you need commercial office space or an address from which to launch your retail venture, your hopes to expand and continue building your company will relate to your search for a workable lease.

Negotiate Your New Business Lease with DF Legal’s Commercial Lawyers in Sydney

At DF Legal, one of the specialities of our business and commercial lawyers in Sydney is in lease negotiation. If you are preparing to make the big step of moving your business into new premises, you need to cover all your bases and make sure that the lease is a smart match with your interests.

One of the mistakes that many business owners make as they build their businesses is failing to seek legal advice on their leases. They assume that commercial leases are as straightforward as residential leases. Would you hire a lawyer to help review the terms of your apartment lease? Probably not, so why should you hire a business lawyer in Sydney to help you review and negotiate the terms of your commercial or retail space?

What kinds of questions can your commercial or franchise lawyer in Sydney help bring to the forefront? Here are a couple that you might not have thought of on your own:

‘How do you calculate rental costs?’ Most commercial landlords will calculate their rental costs based on square metres. However, these rates can sometimes be misleading. For instance, if you are renting an office space, you might be paying for shared space that you share with another tenant. This space isn’t very usable or useful for your company, but it figures into your rent anyway. A good business lawyer in Sydney can help spot these discrepancies and negotiate to get you a better deal.

‘How do you protect the visibility of my business?’ Location and visibility of your premises is everything. Finding out how a landlord will protect those aspects of your property is important. For example, is the owner looking to redesign the parking lot or make property ‘improvements’—trees, signs, shrubs, new buildings, etc.—that will impair accessibility or visibility. Making sure your landlord can’t do these things will keep your lease valuable.

These are just two of the complications that might arise during a lease. Some landlords will be more respectful of your rights as a renter, but it’s still worth it to find out what you are facing. By hiring DF Legal and letting our business, commercial and franchise lawyers in Sydney negotiate your lease, you give yourself a better chance of signing a lease that provides you with adequate services and protections. Call us on 02 9774 3175 to hire our team.


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