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Selling Off-the-Plan?

If you’re a property developer, you probably know what we are talking about when we say you need a lawyer who can assist you with all areas of property development. We understand the practical aspects as well as the multitude of legal issues that tend to arise during development, from application through to sale. We also understand how important this investment is for your financial future, which is why our mission is to ensure your project runs smoothly by providing you the best professional and practical advice in a timely manner.

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We are here to guide you throughout the process of selling off the plan developments!


Buying Off-the-Plan?

Unlike when you buy a property which is already established, the contract for purchasing a brand new or yet to be constructed (off the plan) property contains many important factors and potential risks for you to consider. The last thing you want to happen after investing such a large amount of your hard earned cash is for it to go wrong and stop you from achieving your financial goals.

We assist you through the process, helping you to fully understand the purchase contract so you know you’re making informed decisions, leading to safer investments that will set you on track to achieve your goals! This will include understanding the legalities behind these contracts, as well as ensuring the following relevant questions are raised to the builders or their representatives and investigated diligently:

Competitive fee's for all off the plan purchases

Clear and concise legal advice

Ability to efficiently prepare presale Contracts

Thorough review and explanation of Contracts

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