When someone with a sizable estate passes away before he or she has a chance to prepare a will, the fallout can tear families apart. Without your intentions about your estate made clear, your children and relatives may do battle over your assets, each arguing rightful claims to money, property, valuable heirlooms and other assets. Even after the dust settles, there is sometimes too much residual bad blood for family members to reconcile.

The easiest way to avoid this kind of collateral damage is to prepare an effective and valid will sooner rather than later. By meeting with an estate lawyer in Sydney today, you can prepare your will and make your post-life intentions clear. That way, when you do pass on, there will be no doubts or arguments among family over your assets. The clarity and the legal validity of your wishes will help hold your family together and avoid misunderstandings that can cause long-term damage.

DF Legal: Your Wills and Estate Lawyers in Sydney

If you are looking for a wills lawyer in Sydney, look no further than DF Legal. With a decade’s worth of experience in the legal industry and a focus on estate planning, we can sit down with you and help you determine how to handle your assets after your death. Making these determinations sooner rather than later will help remove the burden of your estate from your shoulders and will ensure that you don’t sow the seeds for family disagreements when you go.

Even if your family members aren’t the types to fight over inheritances—or even if you plan to leave all your assets to just one person—working with a Sydney wills and estates lawyer will help simplify things. Without a will to enforce your wishes, the government may distribute your assets using a formula that doesn’t take important factors about your family into account. For instance, if you planned to break up and distribute your estate based on the financial needs of your spouse, your children, your grandchildren and other loved ones, the government’s methods may not ensure that each person gets what they need.

Furthermore, leaving behind an estate without a will leaves messy loose ends. When you are gone, your loved ones will want to opportunity to mourn you and work through their personal grief. The last thing they will want to do is try to negotiate your estate with strangers from the government. Leaving a will behind in the hands of your trusted Sydney estate lawyer will avoid such awkward and unnecessary interactions.

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It is never too early to start preparing your will—whether as a step in an end-of-life plan or as a just-in-case precaution. When you are ready to put your intentions down on paper, call DF Legal. Our wills lawyers in Sydney are happy to meet with you as soon as you wish to discuss your estate. Contact us on 02 9774 3175 to schedule a consultation.



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