One of the keys to successfully navigating the various challenges life throws at us is actually quite simple. It boils down to one question: do you know who to call? No one can handle everything in life on their own. It’s why we call for repairs when something important breaks down. To do that, you’ll need to know what service to call.

When you face questions or concerns of a legal nature, the same general principle applies. It’s important to be able to reach out to an experienced lawyer for the answers you need. For example, what if a loved one has passed away and their will designates you as the executor? Knowing what next steps to take — and what legal obligations you’re facing — is of vital importance. You can call the offices of DF Legal to speak to an experienced estate lawyer near Bankstown today.

Perhaps you aren’t an executor, but someone who has questions about the process of making wills. We offer many services under this purview, all of them informed by our decade of experience as solicitors. Before you make an appointment, familiarise yourself with our services. This can help us to assist you promptly when you phone our team.

When to phone for a wills lawyer in Bankstown

First, of course, is the obvious: we can help you to draw up a Final Will & Testament pursuant to your wishes. Making a will is often a prudent choice even when you are young, and if you already control substantial assets. A wills lawyer in Bankstown can walk you through the process to ensure proper filing of all the necessary paperwork. The result is the comfort of knowing that you’ve planned ahead.

Should you need to be granted power of attorney — for example, to assist with an elderly parent — our lawyers can help you there as well. We can advise you on the possible need for an enduring power of attorney document now or in the future. If you require assistance with an estate that is currently in probate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Sound legal counsel throughout the probate period and during the distribution of assets can help to prevent any potential conflicts. At DF Legal, we are very well equipped to handle these types of cases and much more.

Make all the necessary preparations with DF Legal

No matter which of the above services you need from wills and estate lawyers in Bankstown, DF Legal can provide them for you. Experienced legal counsel in combination with highly personalised service equals a comfortable, informative appointment every time. The aim of each of our lawyers is to deliver an extremely helpful and valuable service. We understand just how important a properly crafted will can be, and how complicated probate can seem. Allow our family friendly practice to guide you down the right track. Appointments are available on a highly flexible basis. Phone us on 02 9774 3175 today to discuss setting up a visit and discussion.


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