Franchise and New Business Owners Fact Sheet

Did you want to start a new business or take over an established one?

Buying into a franchise business may be a good alternative, rather than starting from scratch.


Franchising allows you to operate under an established brand. You can sell products and/or services which have existing reputable credit. It takes a significant investment of years and money to establish a business and obtain market share. For example, configuring and setting up management procedures, checklists, control recipes and network of suppliers.


Franchising can be restrictive. For example, there may be set structures in place that you are unable to change. It is different from running your own business independently, understanding the limitations and obligations of the franchise is imperative. Just like any other business, a franchise can fail so you need to do your due diligence.

DF Legal can review your Franchise Agreement, and other related documents, including Leases and Licences. Additionally, we can explain to you your rights and obligations with reference to the Franchise Code of Conduct and the Australian Consumer Law.

Business Structure

In addition to the products and/or services you want to provide in your new business, you need to consider business structure.

Your choice of structure impacts on key areas of your business, such as tax liability, asset protection and costs to not just set up but to maintain.

There are four main structures of a business:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Private Company
  • Public Company

At DF Legal we have extensive experience in all areas impacted by franchisee agreements and business structure such as commercial law, property law and employment law. Are there other options? Speak to DF Legal 02 9774 3175.

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