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You started your business with a vision of exactly what success looks like for you. You’ll work harder than you ever have before in order to reach that dream and it will feel like your ‘to do’ list only ever grows. In these early days, there are protections you should put in place to make sure that, on the day when you reach success, it isn’t taken away from you.

You may be looking for more flexible hours, a more practical role, a shift towards dealing with customers personally, the opportunity to grow your expertise and gain the rewards of your risks, delegate the boring jobs, work from anywhere, start a franchise, build a reputation, or expand the potential for financial growth past the horizon you thought was there.

All of it comes down to one word: autonomy. It is the ability to be your own boss – to go where you want and get there on your own terms. It is total independence in a world that was designed to make it difficult, but possible.

So don’t rush past the legal set up. Most entrepreneurs are surprised to find that the protections they need are affordable even for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, and don’t take long to put in place. The best time to get your business protected is right at the start.

You’ll be glad you did.

This guide takes you through the key legal documents you need and the important legal decisions you should make now.

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