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Legal Packages for Businesses

The law is complex, especially when you’re starting a new business or taking an important strategic step with an existing one. Our legal packages are designed to give you the benefit of important legal documents and instruments when you need them fast, while being tailored to your unique needs.


DF Legal offers legal packages for business owners that provide legal expertise and peace of mind. These packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses at different stages of their lifecycle, ensuring that each package is customised to the unique requirements of the business, with no cookie-cutter approach.

The law can be complex to navigate, especially for new businesses

The law is known for its complexity. When setting up a new business, you want the comfort of knowing someone with experience is dealing with that complexity so you can get on with creating a successful business. 

“DIY” legal hacks expose new businesses to significant risks. This is one place where being “80:20” or cutting corners is likely to backfire in the long run.

The solution: Legal packages created for your needs

DF Legal offers legal packages that bring legal expertise, experience and peace of mind together. Have the key documents, contracts and legal artefacts you need created at speed while covering your liabilities, risks and legal requirements. 


Our legal packages are designed to meet the specific needs of your business at different stages of its lifecycle. Starting with Step 1 – Website Essentials, we move onto Business Setup, Internal Contracts, and finally Third-Party Contracts.

You can choose to purchase only the packages that you need, depending on the requirements of your business.

Website Essentials

Set up your business’ online presence with privacy policies, terms & conditions, and disclaimers to protect your rights and interests and adhere to key regulations.

Privacy Policy

Create clear guidelines on how your business collects, uses, and protects personal information to ensure compliance with privacy laws and to promote trust with your visitors.


Clear and effective statements to limit liability and protect against potential legal claims.

Terms and Conditions

Create a legally binding set of terms that sets up clear expectations with website visitors.

Business Setup

The key things you need to help your business get started with a strong legal foundation to prevent legal issues in the future.

Set Up

Shareholders Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Company Constitution. Key foundational legal documents that incorporate all the unique nuances of your business.


Loan Agreement, Investors Agreement, JV Agreement. Documents to help you manage financial transactions, set up key financial relationships, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Registration of business name, trademark & copyright

Protect your intellectual property rights and create a strong, unique and secure foundation for your brand and entity.

Business Terms and Conditions

Set clear expectations for your customers to ensure transparency and reduce risks.

Trading Terms

Establish clear and fair terms of trade with suppliers or customers to promote transparency and foster positive business relationships.


Create legally sound policies and procedures to promote a safe and productive organisation.

Internal Contracts

Legal agreements and contracts to ensure seamless and secure internal operations.

Employment Contracts

Tailored employment contracts that give clarity to all parties.

Intellectual Property Agreements

Create and enforce your rights to use and benefit from your intellectual property.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Comprehensive agreements for engaging independent contractors to outline the scope of their work and payment terms, as well as confidentiality agreements.

Third Party Contracts

Establish and maintain successful relationships with outside vendors, contractors, and other third-party entities.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Protect confidential information shared with third-party vendors or partners.

Licence Agreements

Create strong licensing agreements that comprehensively outline the terms and conditions and rights attaching to the license in question.

Distribution, Manufacturing and Supply Contracts

Rights and obligations of both parties engaged in partnerships to distribute, manufacture, or supply specific products or services.

Service Agreement

Protect your interests with comprehensive agreements that lay out payment terms, duration, termination provisions and other relevant details for engaging with third-party providers.


Our process ensures that whichever package you require, it is tailored to your unique requirements. We understand your business needs intimately, and create documents and notices that are exactly what you need. 

1. Tell us a bit about your business

Fill out our simple form providing the key details we need to understand your business.

2. Legal strategy session

An in-person or online consultation to work through these needs in more detail.

3. Documentation and notices for your review

We send you the draft documents and notices you need, allowing for further reviews and iteration as you may need until finalised.

Why DF Legal

DF Legal is a boutique Western Sydney law firm with over 15 years of combined experience practicing in a wide range of areas, including Property Law and Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Wills, and Estate Planning, Franchise Law, Building Disputes, Commercial and Retail Leasing, and more.

Over the years we have built our firm on fundamental values of honesty, integrity, and community spirit. We are trustworthy solicitors who are here to help and make a difference in the community. 

We understand that navigating the legal landscape can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we offer a range of packages designed to make it easy and affordable for businesses to have the legal documents they need. We’re delighted to offer cutting edge legal packages that look after the key needs of our clients in a number of key areas – a novel offering we’ve developed after listening to our clients over many years of operation.


Meet One of Our Clients

Meet Rosy, the pioneering mind behind IV League Drips & Academy, where nurses are trained in the art of IV drip therapy
We provided Rosy with a comprehensive business set up package to build a robust legal foundation whilst safeguarding her intellectual property. Thanks to our help, IV League Academy can now focus on its core mission: delivering top-tier, accredited training to nurses nationwide.


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Our team of experienced lawyers are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes and stages of growth, and we look forward to working with you to ensure that your legal needs are met and your business is on the path to success. 

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